CROMPACK vacuum packaging machines present a fresh new approach and innovation to the packaging sector in Turkey, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Africa and the Middle East and worldwide.From our experience, we at VOLVED have been able to examine and point out the weak areas of most machines from other manufacturers and managed to come up with a stronger more effecient longer lasting brand. Coupled with providing a higher quality machine, we have placed our focus on commendable and reliable after sales service and customer care, and most importantly continuous research and development on our brand. With a wide range of models to chose from, we have the solution for each and every customer’s vacuum packaging needs. Our brand has now emerged to be one of the leading brands both locally and Internationally with existing and prospective distributors and consumers in every continent. We welcome you to our site for a detailed view of all our products and ongoing activities!

Customer Services

Headquarters: Bağdat cd. Gülbasan İş Merkezi No: 617
Cevizli - Maltepe
Telephone: (0216) 459 69 80 Pbx
Fax: (0216) 459 69 85
International sales and marketing:

Factory: 30 Ağustos Cad. Tamçelik San.Sit. No: 10
Cevizli-Kartal / İSTANBUL 
Telephone: (0216) 457 70 64
(0216) 457 79 64
Fax: (0216) 457 73 01