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We have been providing service in the weighing and packaging sector since the year 2005.What process did we undertake to get to our current position?
By combining our 10 year experience in the weighing processes together with packaging Machines under one roof of Crompack , we have brought a new freshness to the sector. In this 5 year period, we have placed a lot of importance on quality, aftersales service and customer satisfaction as our main principles and priorities in our mission and adopted these in our efforts to achieve customer satisfaction. Our brand Crompack began to be heard as a world class quality brand and became a household name all over Turkey in 2008-2009 and all over the Middle East and Arabian countries in 2010. Our product quailty and pricing has satisfied our customers. By keeping a close watch on the latest technological developments, we are constantly applying life cycle tests to our CROMPACK brand.

Our services and work
The sale of products without performing efficiency pretests is a rather unfortunate but common and ongoing practice among many local manufacturers.To maintain our product’s continuity and reliability, our electronic engineers are constantly performing research on how to develop our brand. Every 3 months, we hold meetings with our authorized dealers to discuss on how we can improve our before sale and after sales technical services in accordance to the latest Technologies. Our technical service itinerant vehicles, plying round the city, provide service 24/7.

Our brand’s current position outside of Turkey.
First and foremost, it is now well known that European and Far Eastern firms (Italy, France, Holland, China) have been competing to get their products into the Turkish market. Growing with our brand, our priority has been to expand our margins together with our distributors found locally and in the Middle East and  Russia.

Technological development is very important for us. Our efforts in research and development.
For any manufacturer and importer, it is mandatory to follow closely and be open to new technological ideas and changes. To achieve a higher quality of any product changes, small or big, must certainly be made.With the constant research and technological changes we have made to our products we have been able to stay at the top of all of our competititors. Since the installation of a smart card to all our products in the year 2012, our local and international sales have seen a tremendous increase.

Our brand’s current position and our future goals
For now we can say that there is still a lot more that we can do to our brand. There is still more yet to come. Goals can never really be completely reached. There is always room for improvement. If we say that we have reached our goals now, our enthusiasm and willingness would decrease. Our goal is to make the maximum investment that we can to spread our quality products and services to every country worlwide.

End users
In the 1990s, the food industry and food regulation was lagging behind Europe and other regions. It is only in the new millenium that manufacturing in the food packaging industry began in Turkey and there has been tremendous growth. During this period, many products from the Far East have been making their way into the country and most cunsumers have fallen into the trap of buying cheap but low quality products. Over the years however, quality has now become an important factor over price for end users who now make up a very big percentage of our customer base.

In short:
Many food traders and consumers have now become aware of the tremendous health risk that lies behind leaving food in the open. In this regard, our firm strives to offer a food preservation solution at pocket friendly costs based on everyone’s financial strength.

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